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We have created video tutorials for just about any circumstance you will find yourself when going through a divorce in California.

Our video tutorials teach you how to prepare each form.  How to file and serve them.

We have separate video tutorials depending on what type of divorce situation you are in.

We have training on getting through an uncontested divorce, how to prepare motions for court, how to get to trial, how to write declarations and how to prepare and respond to discovery.

And the best part is, it won’t cost you a $5,000 retainer to get the help you need.

I have been divorced for a couple of years, but I keep finding myself back in court. This can get expensive, especially where attorney's are so expensive.

With the help of California Divorce Tutor, I was able to prepare a motion using the examples of how to write a declaration and file the motion.

I had a few questions that were specific to my case and I also spoke directly to Tim who provided a strategy session of the best way to obtain the results in court I was looking for.

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How To Complete Your Uncontested Divorce
Get through your amicable divorce quickly and easily from the comfort of your home This video training course will walk you through step-by-step on how to prepare, file and serve all divorce forms for an amicable, uncontested divorce. We have every divorce form available for every County in California.
How To Prepare & Respond To Discovery
In this video course, we explain how to prepare all types of discovery and how to respond appropriately to discovery. We have all the templates and examples you could need for discovery issues.
How To Prepare And Respond To Motions (RFO's)
This video training course covers how to prepare and respond to motions, also known as Request For Orders or RFO. We not only show you how to prepare the forms, but we provide the correct template for preparing your written declaration. We take it one step further and provide you a tutorial on how to write your declaration and even provide templates.
How To Prepare For Trial
This course is for you if you are are not in agreement with your spouse and you think you will be going to trial. We provide video tutorials on how to prepare for a contested divorce case, how to request a trial, and how to prepare all the paperwork from Trial Settings, Mandatory Settlement Conferences and Briefs and Trial Briefs. We have all the forms and templates for your use so you can have a professional appearance at trial.
How To Prepare Stipulations & Orders
Avoid going to court to get a new or modified court order! In this training course we show you how to draft a Stipulation & Order and have all the templates aleady completed for you! Video Tutorials walk you through the process and Template Stipulations for every situation
How To Set Aside Default
This Tutorial shows you how to file a motion to Set Aside the Default so you can enter your response. This will allow you to participate in the case, even if the Default has already been entered.